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Noah's Ark Party

posted Dec 8, 2012, 12:13 AM by Jesus Roam
By: Christian San Antonio & Cherilyn Huliganga

What an amazing night the kids of JRAM Southern Alberta experienced on October 31, 2012 at the Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre. The “Noah’s Ark Party” was made especially for the kids to have fun and enjoy the evening. With the participation of the parents, church coordinators, and the youth ministry, kids were able to experience a joyous event filled with fun, games and activities made for them. The event began with praise and worship that was led by the youth ministry, followed by an exhortation by one of the YM Core Leaders, Bro. Henry Tejada. It was quite amusing to see these kids listening and participating to his exhortation about Noah’s Ark. After the exhortation, it was time for games, 3 stations were set-up by different churches, where kids would play games like ring toss, Bible games (who’s who in the Bible), and cup stacking to name a few. The best game was saved for the end.

Church coordinators battled each other in a game that all the kids knew: Temple Run.  This had all the kids hyped up and on the edge of their seats at every turn and leap of the character on the screen. All the coordinators did fairly well, especially considering that for most of them, it was their first time playing. But in the end, only one could be crowned the winner. Sis.Cely Esteban finished to achieve the longest distance and a high score of over 120 000.

 After the games, it was time for the kids to finally get what they had been waiting for the whole night. Candy! With the help of the parents, candy was distributed and thrown in the middle of the dance floor for the kids to collect. Not to mention the “older” kids collecting treats as well. To end the night, one of the kids closed in prayer.