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JRAM Logo and Its Story

posted Oct 22, 2012, 11:26 PM by Jesus Roam   [ updated Oct 25, 2012, 11:33 PM ]

By: Pastor Aldrin Navo

Five months ago, when I came across the song “Rock of Ages” by Chris Rice in YouTube, I saw an image of a person inside the cleft of a rock. It spoke a lot to me as to Jesus being the Rock of Ages. I felt like being that person and was deeply encouraged by it and assured that I was covered by God’s love and protection.

When JRAM-BC launched last July, I’ve proposed to the JRAM leadership to use this backdrop temporarily as we didn’t have an official logo yet. This was seen in the many Facebook profile pictures of JRAM members bearing the name “JRAM” or “Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries.”

When I felt the need for JRAM to have an official logo, I’ve asked somebody I know studying architecture to design a logo with this concept and she gladly agreed and sent it promptly.

However, a logo design contest was still launched last July 26 to have more choices and to give JRAM members a chance to submit their concepts and ideas as well. We received 37 entries, including the logo designed by the architectural student, but had to eliminate those who did not meet the criteria. The entries were narrowed to 15 and voting was done through Facebook and Website for popular votes, which in turn produced the top 4 entries.

Nonetheless, the sole decision alone based on this voting system cannot become the final judge to choose the JRAM logo, as this will be the identifying mark of JRAM for many years to come. The JRAM Core Teams and the Board of Directors must choose and deliberate which among the four entries will best represent the mission and ideals of “Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries” and become its official logo.

After much discussion, deliberation and arm-twisting, the JRAM leadership finally decided and agreed that the winning entry submitted by the architectural student, Dian Aquino, will become the official logo of JRAM.

Nevertheless, some modifications and variations were suggested to the artist for the official logo to become more personal and unique to JRAM and to avoid any copyright infringements. As a result, the JRAM name was subtly embedded on the mountain crevices when you look closely.

Finally, here’s the official logo that fully represents who we are: God’s people, you and I, standing on the mountain (rock) that represents Jesus Christ, the Rock of Ages, with a 360-degree view from the summit, with God’s glory emanating behind as a our back-up. Truly, Jesus Christ is the Rock and the Foundation that this ministry stands on.

In addition, the person at the top represents each God’s people proclaiming to the world the Gospel of the Great Commission and looking forward to seize its completion in every community, city, and the different nations of the world. Thus, this logo embodies our intent to declare it and show it clearly.

JRAM people, let’s all unite in proclaiming JESUS, AS THE ROCK OF AGES, today, tomorrow and until He comes again!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD ALONE!!!