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JRAM BC Youth Week

posted Sep 3, 2012, 12:39 AM by Jesus Roam

By: Ptr. Genis Misola

Introducing...the BC-YM Family! Who are we? We are the youth arm of the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries (JRAM) British Columbia. BC-YM stands for BC Youth Ministry. The BC-YM family includes youth from Vancouver (V-YM), North Van (NV-YM), Richmond (R-YM), Burnaby (BB-YM), New Westminster (NW-YM), Surrey (S-YM), Abbotsford (A-YM) and Whistler (W-YM).

What do we do? We produce TrUE disciples of Jesus Christ. TrUE is an acronym of the characteristics that we believe are important to have as a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ. That is, we seek to produce Transformed (from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light), United (with each other and with other believers) and Empowered (for the End-time Harvest) youth.

We  pursue Eternity (eternity-driven); we produce Quality; we seek Unity; we act with Integrity; we serve with Passion; these are our Core Values (EQUIP).

From August 27-31, the BC-YM family held its first ever Youth Week. With 2 Corinthians 4:7-9 as our theme verse, we sought to become TrUE vessels of Jesus Christ. On the first day, through Ptr Aldrin's preaching, "Being Called," we understood that we were all called to a life of TrUE service. Despite our failures and shortcomings, God was still pleased to call unworthy vessels like us to become TrUE vessels of His Love, Gospel and Spirit.

After spending most of the day @ Burnaby Central Park, we held our Tuesday General Session with Ptr Mary with the theme "Being Broken." To become TrUE vessels, everything that hindered God in our lives had to be broken whether it was pride, sin, hurts, pains etc...

The following day, Wednesday, we had our Sport's Fest @ Grays Park in Vancouver. Congratulations to the champions of the Volleyball and Basketball games despite the many physical "brokenness" ie. Scraped

knees, sprained ankles, mosquito bites etc...In the evening, Ptr Ben led our Wednesday General Session with the theme "Being Moulded." As TrUE vessels, after being broken, we needed to be put back together by

the loving hands of God to the disciples that He wanted us to become. Many received visions and dreams about the future that God had prepared in advance for them.

On Thursday, we held workshops at Youth Week "Headquarters" ie. New Westminster Church. There were Music, Vocal, Dance and leadership seminars. At the end of the day, during the General Session led by Ptr

Louie who preached on "Being Filled," all of us were filled with the Holy Spirit and experienced a genuine move of God. Many were in awe, were filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and were inspired with a new purpose in life: to serve God as a TrUE disciple of Jesus Christ. During this memorable night, the Youth Week's ad hoc theme song, Matt Redman's "Freedom Generation" was also introduced.

This same song was introduced on Friday to JRAM BC during the culmination of our Youth Week and joint BC Prayer & Praise Night. After Ptr Aldrin preached on the subject of "Being Sent," the JRAM BC Core Team prayed for the youth commissioning us to go into our families, schools, church and communities and represent Jesus Christ. The Youth Council consisting of Andre Flores (Youth Coordinator), Romalyn Dolores (BC-YM Area 2 Head), Marielle Flores (BC-YM Area 3 Head), Joel Flores (Music Head), David Decolongon (Secretary) and Matt Pelayo (Outreach and Prayer Head) were introduced and commissioned along with the rest of the Area Committees.

At the end of the night, the youth and the rest of the congregation were entertained by father & son and mother & daughter teams each dancing to the "Freedom Generation" chant.

As BC-YM, we thank God for making the event a successful one. We thank all the leaders and the volunteers for making time and making sacrifices. We thank our parents and congregations from showing their support. Thank you all and God bless!