JRAM CRA Registration

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Ministry Update: Pastoral Visit to JRAM Alberta

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By: Ptr. Aldrin Navo

The past 10 days (January 4-15, 2013) was an opportunity to serve God in two Alberta cities where Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries currently exists. It was days filled with various events focused on strengthening relationships, updates, meetings and fellowships

Both Calgary and Edmonton was in a winter chill and it was really cold. Coming from rainy Vancouver was indeed a climate upgrade. Nevertheless, no weather situation can stop what needed to be done for God’s people. The Church Core Teams’ Symposium was the first event gathering the different Church Core Teams of Southern Calgary. It was a forum to discuss the many updates that they need to be informed. The mood was light and fun. Indeed, proper communication must be done to clarify and amplify the directions forward.

The following day was a joint service of the JRAM Churches from Southern Alberta with more or less 300 people filled with joy and excitement in seeing one another giving glory to God together. It was a great day to rejoice in such a wonderful event. Then, special meetings were done in the last two days with different individuals before heading to Edmonton for the next leg of the visit. The day trip driving to Edmonton from Calgary the following day was not bad at all. The day was especially sunny but a snowstorm was scheduled to arrive later that day and found out that 12 cm fell afterwards.

Upon reaching Edmonton, we had a special dinner fellowship with the Northern Alberta Core Team and we had a wonderful night. The next night was the Church Core Teams’ Symposium with discussion and I believed that all attendees were informed appropriately with JRAM’s status and direction. 

The following day was individual meetings but one of the special events of the day was the special launching of JRAM St. Albert. Seeing how it was started and came together was indeed a blessing to remember. But one distinct feature of this event was the special participation of the congregation and the Church Pastor of Grace Family Church where JRAM would use as their facility. They were there not just to support but also to welcome the JRAM family amongst them and an evidence of unity in action between two church families. A great eating fellowship followed after the service like a feast. God is good!

The next day was another launching of a JRAM Church in Edmonton North using the facility of Living Waters in Londonberry Mall. God was at work in finding this location to become the home of JRAM Edmonton North. The Senior Pastor of Living Waters Church also joined in the launching with his wife and rejoiced with what God was doing. People were filled with joy in seeing another JRAM church family established to serve God’s people. God is at work indeed!

The last days of the visit was spent in meeting key leaders for special fellowship and a chat to catch up for what to do next. This was a jam-packed visit coupled with great time of fellowship and many blessings. Before I forget, a JRAM Bible Study officially started in Fort McMurray with the Huguete family, as the initial seed of what God is about to do in that place. Thus, in this visit, God was at work to proclaim His faithfulness to us who believe in what He can do to those that are fully yielded to His purpose and agenda. Together, we will see greater things have yet to come. Glory to God!

Noah's Ark Party

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By: Christian San Antonio & Cherilyn Huliganga

What an amazing night the kids of JRAM Southern Alberta experienced on October 31, 2012 at the Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre. The “Noah’s Ark Party” was made especially for the kids to have fun and enjoy the evening. With the participation of the parents, church coordinators, and the youth ministry, kids were able to experience a joyous event filled with fun, games and activities made for them. The event began with praise and worship that was led by the youth ministry, followed by an exhortation by one of the YM Core Leaders, Bro. Henry Tejada. It was quite amusing to see these kids listening and participating to his exhortation about Noah’s Ark. After the exhortation, it was time for games, 3 stations were set-up by different churches, where kids would play games like ring toss, Bible games (who’s who in the Bible), and cup stacking to name a few. The best game was saved for the end.

Church coordinators battled each other in a game that all the kids knew: Temple Run.  This had all the kids hyped up and on the edge of their seats at every turn and leap of the character on the screen. All the coordinators did fairly well, especially considering that for most of them, it was their first time playing. But in the end, only one could be crowned the winner. Sis.Cely Esteban finished to achieve the longest distance and a high score of over 120 000.

 After the games, it was time for the kids to finally get what they had been waiting for the whole night. Candy! With the help of the parents, candy was distributed and thrown in the middle of the dance floor for the kids to collect. Not to mention the “older” kids collecting treats as well. To end the night, one of the kids closed in prayer.

Southern AB Joint Worship Service

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October 14, 2012
Calgary, AB

JRAM BC Grand Launching

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By: Genis Misola

In unity, hundreds of people declared the absolute truth: Jesus is our Rock of Ages, the Rock of our salvation. On October the 21st, members and guests of the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries (JRAM) British Columbia filled the Michael J. Fox Theatre to capacity for the ministry's Grand Launching. As a result of the overflow, the MJF staff prevented many people from entering the main theatre. Wherever we were, whether inside the theatre, in the lobby or in the children's area, we all affirmed our commitment to love God, to love one another and to love our neighbours as members of the family of JRAM.

As the program began, the history of JRAM and its beginnings were remembered. Personally, I could not help but be teary eyed. My emotions were not getting the better of me. Rather, it was the presence of God, the testimony of God's grace and the love of the JRAM family that was intensely inspiring. To think, all of us were hurting, visionless, without a church family not too long ago but out of the ashes of discouragement and disenchantment God birthed a new ministry, a new beginning and a new family.

God has invested much in this family. The gifted members of the BC Worship Team led the church through humble yet majestic worship to welcome the King of Glory and to build for Him a throne of praise. From classical ballet to hip-hop, from contemporary music to jazz fusion, from acapella songs to instrumentals special numbers God proved that every good and perfect gift (and talent) comes from Him and is to be used for His glory. 

Afterwards, Ptr Aldrin Navo, the General Supervising Pastor of JRAM, presented the history and inspiration behind the name, the structure and organization, and the much-awaited logo of the ministry.

Isaiah 26:4 "Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an Everlasting Rock," inspired the name "Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries." The literal Hebrew translation of "Everlasting Rock" is "Rock of Ages." The essence of Jesus being our Rock of Ages is trust -- that is, we trust Him for our salvation, for our victory and for our security. 

The account of Abraham who, moments before sacrificing His own son, was rescued by God inspired the acronym "JRAM." Instead of requiring Isaac from Abraham, God provided a RAM as a substitute. In the same way, instead of requiring the punishment for our sins, God has provided a substitute for us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is God's gift of eternal life.

Then, Ptr Aldrin officially introduced the Board of Directors of JRAM and the JRAM BC Core Team. As Dr. Dave Koop (Senior Pastor of Coastal Church and one of the members of JRAM's Advisory Board) referred to it, "this army" is ready to become catalysts for change and vessels of grace for the city and for the church. To emphasize our commitment to unity and accountability, Ptr Aldrin also presented the JRAM Advisory Board. The Board includes Rev. Giulio Gabeli (Senior Pastor of Westwood Community Church, Coquitlam), Dr. Dave Koop, and Bro Richard Navarro (a Filipino lay leader with a heart for unity within the Filipino Body of Christ).

After, the ministry's official logo was unveiled. The logo affirms our declaration that JRAM is a "CHURCH BUILT UPON THE ROCK, JESUS CHRIST" and emphasizes our individual and corporate dependence on Christ. 

Following two inspiring Words of Encouragement from Ptr Aldrin and Rev Giulio, the leaders, workers and members affirmed the JRAM Manifesto. We upheld before God and before each other our desire and commitment to advance the Kingdom of God, to value unity and partnership, to practice interdependence, to welcome God's protection through accountability and to protect the unity of the churches. Certificates of Recognition were also given to all the JRAM BC churches. These documents certified that each congregation was officially a bona fide member of the network of JRAM churches across Canada.

To conclude the service, Bro Richard Navarro led the Benediction Prayer and then the BC-YM Worship Team ushered the celebration and declaration of God's victories. As members of this family, we believe that this Grand Launching was our gift of thanksgiving to God for all He has done, is doing and will do for JRAM BC. Personally, I believe that God accepted and then honoured our gift by promising that "the latter will be greater" and that "the best is yet to come!" 

A huge thanks and congratulations to all who participated in and contributed to the success of this event. Your labour in the Lord is never in vain. May God reward you for your hard work and dedication as you continue to serve Him. 

All glory be to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

JRAM Logo and Its Story

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By: Pastor Aldrin Navo

Five months ago, when I came across the song “Rock of Ages” by Chris Rice in YouTube, I saw an image of a person inside the cleft of a rock. It spoke a lot to me as to Jesus being the Rock of Ages. I felt like being that person and was deeply encouraged by it and assured that I was covered by God’s love and protection.

When JRAM-BC launched last July, I’ve proposed to the JRAM leadership to use this backdrop temporarily as we didn’t have an official logo yet. This was seen in the many Facebook profile pictures of JRAM members bearing the name “JRAM” or “Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries.”

When I felt the need for JRAM to have an official logo, I’ve asked somebody I know studying architecture to design a logo with this concept and she gladly agreed and sent it promptly.

However, a logo design contest was still launched last July 26 to have more choices and to give JRAM members a chance to submit their concepts and ideas as well. We received 37 entries, including the logo designed by the architectural student, but had to eliminate those who did not meet the criteria. The entries were narrowed to 15 and voting was done through Facebook and Website for popular votes, which in turn produced the top 4 entries.

Nonetheless, the sole decision alone based on this voting system cannot become the final judge to choose the JRAM logo, as this will be the identifying mark of JRAM for many years to come. The JRAM Core Teams and the Board of Directors must choose and deliberate which among the four entries will best represent the mission and ideals of “Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries” and become its official logo.

After much discussion, deliberation and arm-twisting, the JRAM leadership finally decided and agreed that the winning entry submitted by the architectural student, Dian Aquino, will become the official logo of JRAM.

Nevertheless, some modifications and variations were suggested to the artist for the official logo to become more personal and unique to JRAM and to avoid any copyright infringements. As a result, the JRAM name was subtly embedded on the mountain crevices when you look closely.

Finally, here’s the official logo that fully represents who we are: God’s people, you and I, standing on the mountain (rock) that represents Jesus Christ, the Rock of Ages, with a 360-degree view from the summit, with God’s glory emanating behind as a our back-up. Truly, Jesus Christ is the Rock and the Foundation that this ministry stands on.

In addition, the person at the top represents each God’s people proclaiming to the world the Gospel of the Great Commission and looking forward to seize its completion in every community, city, and the different nations of the world. Thus, this logo embodies our intent to declare it and show it clearly.

JRAM people, let’s all unite in proclaiming JESUS, AS THE ROCK OF AGES, today, tomorrow and until He comes again!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD ALONE!!!

JRAM Members Show of Generosity and Love to Filipino Kababayans....

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By: Ptr. Aldrin Navo

When Jesus said we must love our neighbours, it can never be without any external actions when special need arises. During one of the worst storms that affected the Philippines last August 2012, the JRAM members showed in action their profession of this principle, “love thy neighbour.” Although we may be anonymous donors in a huge financial need yet whatever what was given helped to fill the need on time. And given the opportunity to give greatly honours Jesus Christ.

This is the reason why we love not just in words but also in action. Together, it is possible to provide timely assistance when called upon. Let’s keep on doing what is good and right at all times whenever given the chance. It can only be done once and if done wholeheartedly, it will not just warms the heart but warms the person that directly benefited from a generous action. Never stop doing good for those that are unable to return the favour back for I believe that the Lord will return it “abundantly and exceedingly beyond what we can ask or think.”

God bless the JRAM members for your generous contribution.

North Vancouver officially launched!

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By: Ptr. Aldrin Navo

Last Sunday, September 16, 2012, cannot just be considered an ordinary Sunday when JRAM-North Vancouver is concerned. Although they have started their Sunday service just a week ago from a Home Bible Study Group in the past month and what took place last Sunday was very special indeed. JRAM churches from the Lower Mainland was represented and provided their firm support for the newest member of the JRAM Family of Churches. Although others may not have been there, it is unquestionable that they can feel the joy of this occasion as well.

There’s no doubt that JRAM-North Vancouver was looking forward to seeing many of their brethren seeing another church alive and well to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus in the city of North Vancouver and surrounding cities. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement as the people came in to witness a grand celebration of lifting Jesus up together in exuberant joy of praise and worship led by the JRAM BC Music Team with Erik Mangao leading it and the JRAM-BC Youth Ministry who led the celebration songs also. Each part of the service and those assigned added in giving honor to what God has done so far especially when the JRAM-Vancouver Dance Team offered a Tambourine number to the delight of all.

The message I’ve shared focused on “The Mandate of the Church” with a simple challenge that the “world will never go to church, thus, the need for the church to go to the world” as Jesus commanded it. Three things must be done: (a) Carry on Jesus’ mandate; (b) Carry out the Great Commission; and (c) Carry through as one of the churches in the Body of Christ the mandate that JRAM received. Thus, JRAM churches must endeavor to become a blessing and not a burden to God’s Kingdom and the community as Jesus’ disciples and servants of the Living God. But most importantly, JRAM will focus on people that need Jesus and leaving behind those that have found Jesus already. The fact is simple: there are still more that need Jesus than those that have found Him.

Over all, it was a grand day to honor God and His mighty favor, blessings and presence as His people lifted Him up in one accord to declare His Lordship as the center of it all. Remembering that no celebration is ever complete without a time of fellowship over a meal prepared, shared and overflowing to all who attended. Everything was great up to the last bite. Thanks to all JRAM brethren for being part of a special day of the official launching of JRAM-North Vancouver and a big congratulations to our brethren, workers, leaders and attendees of JRAM-North Vancouver with their Coordinator, Emer Valdez, together with his wife Lani and their children supporting them all the way. Let’s continue to pray for them as they see God at work in God’s ministry.

JRAM-North Vancouver, get ready for great things ahead. God bless us all as we pursue the utmost for His highest. TOGETHER LET’S DECLARE JESUS ROCKS NORTH VANCOUVER!

JRAM AB & SK Launching

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By: Ptr. Aldrin Navo

The launching of the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries Alberta and Saskatchewan in Edmonton, Alberta last Sunday (September 2, 212) can only be described simply as a huge success. The venue, Marriott Hotel, was filled to the brim with men and women excited and ready to participate in a historic occasion for this newly-birthed ministry that will serve God’s purpose for His people and the Great Commission until Jesus come. From the beginning to the end, each part of the launching service was designed to give God the maximum glory. The praise and worship ushered everyone to join in lifting God the worship He alone deserved coupled with dance team making the whole experience extra special for all who came. Three special numbers were rendered with the Men’s Group singing a classic Tagalog song that energized the crowd; the Youth Group showcasing a dramatic portrayal of a painting of Jesus’s face; and not to be missed was another participation of the Youth Team doing a live band with the Youth Dance Team that was a great sight to see.

Youth Group Band and Dance Team

Before I preached the message, I’ve read a short history of the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries  (I will post it next time…) including the meaning and significance of its name with a special recognition of those that contributed primarily for what JRAM is all about now. After which, I have shared a message about “Jesus The Rock of Ages” highlighting what Isaiah wrote, “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock” (Isaiah 26:3-4). Three important descriptions  to draw out from this scriptural truth: Jesus as the Rock of Ages portrays (a) stability; (b) security, and (c) stillness. When these three things are remembered, Jesus as the Rock of Ages will stand against all storms of life that may come. Hiding ourselves in Jesus as the Rock of Ages will assure us of tranquil composure at all times.

Men’s Group Singing

The launching part involved distribution of certificates of local church recognition as part of the JRAM family of churches with a special manifesto highlighting interdependence, accountability, unity and partnership in fulfilling the Great Commission. But not forgetting to seal everything with a prayer to release God’s blessing and favor for all JRAM leaders, workers and congregations.

But what made this event extra special was the knowledge that those who attended came and discovered for themselves that God was indeed at work with JRAM and its people to fulfill God’s agenda and purpose for many years to come. In this I loudly proclaim, JESUS ROCKS!

Youth Group Live Band and Dance Team

Get ready for more of God’s provision that began with giving JRAM for those that needed a place and a family to serve God and His will. Amen and Amen!

JRAM BC Youth Week

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By: Ptr. Genis Misola

Introducing...the BC-YM Family! Who are we? We are the youth arm of the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries (JRAM) British Columbia. BC-YM stands for BC Youth Ministry. The BC-YM family includes youth from Vancouver (V-YM), North Van (NV-YM), Richmond (R-YM), Burnaby (BB-YM), New Westminster (NW-YM), Surrey (S-YM), Abbotsford (A-YM) and Whistler (W-YM).

What do we do? We produce TrUE disciples of Jesus Christ. TrUE is an acronym of the characteristics that we believe are important to have as a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ. That is, we seek to produce Transformed (from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light), United (with each other and with other believers) and Empowered (for the End-time Harvest) youth.

We  pursue Eternity (eternity-driven); we produce Quality; we seek Unity; we act with Integrity; we serve with Passion; these are our Core Values (EQUIP).

From August 27-31, the BC-YM family held its first ever Youth Week. With 2 Corinthians 4:7-9 as our theme verse, we sought to become TrUE vessels of Jesus Christ. On the first day, through Ptr Aldrin's preaching, "Being Called," we understood that we were all called to a life of TrUE service. Despite our failures and shortcomings, God was still pleased to call unworthy vessels like us to become TrUE vessels of His Love, Gospel and Spirit.

After spending most of the day @ Burnaby Central Park, we held our Tuesday General Session with Ptr Mary with the theme "Being Broken." To become TrUE vessels, everything that hindered God in our lives had to be broken whether it was pride, sin, hurts, pains etc...

The following day, Wednesday, we had our Sport's Fest @ Grays Park in Vancouver. Congratulations to the champions of the Volleyball and Basketball games despite the many physical "brokenness" ie. Scraped

knees, sprained ankles, mosquito bites etc...In the evening, Ptr Ben led our Wednesday General Session with the theme "Being Moulded." As TrUE vessels, after being broken, we needed to be put back together by

the loving hands of God to the disciples that He wanted us to become. Many received visions and dreams about the future that God had prepared in advance for them.

On Thursday, we held workshops at Youth Week "Headquarters" ie. New Westminster Church. There were Music, Vocal, Dance and leadership seminars. At the end of the day, during the General Session led by Ptr

Louie who preached on "Being Filled," all of us were filled with the Holy Spirit and experienced a genuine move of God. Many were in awe, were filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and were inspired with a new purpose in life: to serve God as a TrUE disciple of Jesus Christ. During this memorable night, the Youth Week's ad hoc theme song, Matt Redman's "Freedom Generation" was also introduced.

This same song was introduced on Friday to JRAM BC during the culmination of our Youth Week and joint BC Prayer & Praise Night. After Ptr Aldrin preached on the subject of "Being Sent," the JRAM BC Core Team prayed for the youth commissioning us to go into our families, schools, church and communities and represent Jesus Christ. The Youth Council consisting of Andre Flores (Youth Coordinator), Romalyn Dolores (BC-YM Area 2 Head), Marielle Flores (BC-YM Area 3 Head), Joel Flores (Music Head), David Decolongon (Secretary) and Matt Pelayo (Outreach and Prayer Head) were introduced and commissioned along with the rest of the Area Committees.

At the end of the night, the youth and the rest of the congregation were entertained by father & son and mother & daughter teams each dancing to the "Freedom Generation" chant.

As BC-YM, we thank God for making the event a successful one. We thank all the leaders and the volunteers for making time and making sacrifices. We thank our parents and congregations from showing their support. Thank you all and God bless!

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